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Can you think of a better way to get acquainted with a new destination than by immersing yourself in it? We can’t think of any better way! Soaking up the surrounding neighbourhoods, trails and parks or the harbour is sightseeing on the next level. Discover local gems and gain a better feel for your destination. Plus, it’s the optimal way to continue your streak or get your basic training runs in. We’ve compiled a couple of tips to ease your running experience.



Exercising before your travels can stave off the jet lag. However, an intense workout is not recommended.


Running in an unknown place is exciting. But not only for safety reasons we recommend to do some research about the destination beforehand. You don‘t want to end up in an unsafe environment and having information about the climate, for instance, is also helpful in order to pack the right apparel.

Find the favourite routes from a local runner in our Run My City guides. You can even download the desired route on your GPS watch or follow it on the phone.


Bring your own bottle when travelling. You can easily fill it up in the plane or even before and can, therefore, avoid expensive vendor machines. Plus, you can drink whenever you want and avoid headaches. Plus, if you’re well hydrated it also helps against the jet lag. Note: Alcohol dehydrates and, hence, is not recommended, especially before races.



In order to avoid stagnation and heavy legs, try to select an aisle seat when you check-in and regularly stand up during the flight. Stretch a little and move the legs to keep them fresh.


When you’re travelling to another destination due to a race, make sure to pack your race gear in the hand luggage. Nothing is more stressful and annoying than sorting out lost luggage and buying new race gear and there especially shoes.



Most runners are used to run before work anyway, but we highly recommend all others as well to embrace the early morning hours during travels and go for an early bird run. First of all, you’ve got your training in before discovering the destination. Secondly and even more interesting, you’re going to avoid the crowds of tourists and experience the destination waking up while enjoying the sunrise. Can you start a day better than this?


There will be days when the schedule might not allow a run. But don’t underestimate the effect of lots of walking, stairs etc. can have. Simply stay active and avoid all kind of elevators and lifts and use the staircase instead. Trust me, you‘ll feel it in the evening.


If you plan your run, rather schedule it with a bit of extra time compared to the same distance back home. You‘ll most likely stop for a few photos or, well, get a bit lost and need to find back.


When you’re heading out for a run, rather pack some cash in the local currency to be able to buy a drink if necessary, or get a transport home.

Tip: Bring a coffee for your partner and you’re forgiven for not sleeping in.

Did we forget any tip? What are your go-to tips and habits to incorporate running into your travels? Do you run at all during your vacations? Tell us in the comments.

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