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Travelling is no rocket science. However, the more you travel, the more you come across some very helpful travel life hacks, which are good-to-know as they will most certainly enhance your travelling comfort.


The idea of sitting in the plane for 11 hours straight with a sprained and swollen ankle isn’t really appealing. But how can you cool it throughout the entire flight? Grab a ziplock bag at the security check and ask at a bar/restaurant at the gates for ice cubes. The stewardesses in the plane will be just as helpful and even refill when it’s melted.

Tip: A buff or scarf works perfectly to hold it in place and/or can avoid the direct contact between the ice cube bag and the skin.

#2 TV USB connector to charge

One of the most annoying things when travelling are the various plugs worldwide. Without the fitting adapter or forgotten wall plug, you can’t charge your phone or other electrical devices! But there’s a quick remedy: modern TVs generally have at least one USB connector at the side or on the back. Plug in your electrical device and there you go.

Tip: With the fitting adapter your own power strip might come handy, especially when travelling in groups, as hotel rooms are sometimes very economical in terms of the number of plugs.


Luggage, which is marked fragile, is generally handled more carefully by the airport staff. Another big advantage with this sneaky trick is, that fragile luggage is placed on the top of the baggage pile in the storage of the plane. This means, that it’ll be taken out first and, hence, be released as one of the first bags.

The success of this hack is unfortunately not guaranteed, as the airport staff might not see the sticker. Another idea to be one of the first to find the suitcase on the luggage belt is to check in very late.


Bring your own bottle when travelling. You can easily fill it up in the plane or even before and can, therefore, avoid expensive vendor machines. Plus, you can drink whenever you want and avoid headaches etc.

Tip: Depending on the bottle you can even use it as a foam roller alternative. Your tired calves will thank you for it.


A pillow is comfy but also very bulky. Bring only a pillowcase instead! If you need a pillow, simply stuff it with soft clothes and there is your pillow. You can use the pillowcase as well to compress clothes and save space in your bag.


When travelling, you’re not able to wash your clothes regularly and the worn smelly running apparel is packed right next to your fresh clothes. A pack of dryer sheets will be your remedy and prevent fresh clothes from picking up the scent. Replace the dryer sheet in your bag with a fresh one as soon as you smell it’s losing its potency.

Which one is your favourite hack? Do you have a hack we didn’t mention? Feel free to share it with us in the comments below. Happy travelling!

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